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Solutia UK Ltd

Solutia is currently known as the world's leading manufacturer of PVB, EVA, and TPU interlayers, custom-coated window and performance films, and chemicals for the rubber industry. Solutia is part of the Eastman Chemical Company.

"Despite being over 25 years old our 3,600m3/hr. heated desiccant instrument air dryer was effective but just not very efficient operating in fixed cycle mode continuously. We knew this method of running the dryer was dated in comparison to the latest dryer control technology however replacing the dryer with a new one was not being considered. So we were looking at options to replace the obsolete cam timer system and improve the dryer efficiency.

We discussed the matter with Air Dryer Technology who carry out the regular maintenance of our dryer and they suggested we look at upgrading the control system. They provided us with a proposal that would involve replacing the original cam timer system with a plc incorporating dryer cycle position indication, dewpoint display and control similar to that fitted to a new dryer. The price they quoted was reasonable considering the potential energy savings and attractive payback figures.

Following the decision to proceed and trouble free fitting of the new control system in late 2013 we now have a reliable and much more efficient air dryer. The plc controller history clearly shows that the dryer has now been in standby mode for over 55% of the time. As a result of having to regenerate less often we have made significant energy savings and have the additional benefit of reduced wear on some of the dryer switching valves. Simple but effective, it`s definitely been worth doing.”

Utilities Coordinator – Solutia U.K. Limited