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Inovyn is a premier chemical company, manufacturing a wide range of raw materials for industry. They supply sectors as diverse as automotive; building and construction; paints and adhesives; healthcare and medical; personal care; pulp and paper; textiles; and water treatment.

“Air Dryer Technology has excellent levels of service and compressed air dryer expertise which has contributed to ensuring we have the required level of compressed air quality in our production plant. Since taking over the maintenance of our desiccant dryers 10 years ago, reliability, performance and efficiency has significantly improved.

Following the recommended dryer control system upgrades we also made compressed air energy cost savings which resulted in the calculated four-month payback period being achieved. The savings have been sustained and continue to date with no effect to the air quality across the site.

Their experience and technical knowledge means that in the event of a dryer fault occurring, rapid diagnosis and repair minimizes equipment downtime and risk to the site compressed air system. A responsive, professional and reliable service provider that communicates well gives me confidence and peace of mind.”

Bernie O`Brien, Maintenance & Utilities Manager - Newton Aycliffe Site